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Nothing is better than NUFFN!


Gel Insoles now available, cut to fit size 12 and smaller! Only $45.

Nothing Beats NUFFN!

As a new business,'s driving purpose, along with your support, is to reward deserving members of the military and first responders for their reliability, sacrifice, professionalism and hard work for their past and continued dedication and service. We will do so with your purchasing and sharing of the toughest phone protection, recoil pads as well as many other unique products listed on our website.

Once our company nets $1 million of profits we will gift $250k (25%) to 25 ($10k each) deserving members of the military and/or first responders. All you have to do is purchase any of our unique NUFFN products for you or a friend in support. Once you do that, share our story with as many others as you can in as many ways as you can. Our entire business is veteran owned and all products are made in the USA.

We encourage you to check back in occasionally on our site at for updates or follow us on Facebook or Youtube to see where we stand with gifting the money and to see who the deserving heroes are.

Nothing Beats NUFFN!

It's not pretty and neither are the things you do when you use it. Like you, it's tough and NUFFN Gel is the most impact resistant product on the market, with more products on the way!

Nothing Beats NUFFN!

Nothing is better than NUFFN, nothing gets in and you feel NUFFN.

Nothing Beats NUFFN!

NUFFN Gel is impact, water, fire and dust resistant.

NOTE: 100% Veteran owned business! Support our military and first responders!

Wholesale pricing available by contacting NUFFN Customer Service at

Thank you for your support.